Ronaldinho (yes, that one) says it’s time for crypto to go mainstream

The best football player of all time, or at least the most fun to watch, is apparently a big fan of crypto. Ronaldinho tweets that it is time for crypto to become mainstream. Could the Brazilian secretly have a huge bag full of coins?

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Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho created positive vibes online yesterday. On Sunday, June 23, he posted a tweet in which he wrote: “Time for crypto to go mainstream, who’s with me?”

Ronaldinho needs to time better

Unfortunately, his timing turned out to be anything but ideal. Over the past 24 hours, the rates of various crypto coins has fallen significantly.

Bitcoin, the largest and most famous cryptocurrency, lost 2.45% of its value. Ethereum, the second largest coin, fell 3.24%. BNB, a currency widely used on the Binance exchange, fell 3.37%.

But the biggest loser was the memecoin Pepe, which lost as much as 8.77%. Other memecoins such as Floki, Bonk and Shiba Inu also suffered and saw their value drop sharply.

NFTs of Ronaldinho

This isn’t the first time Ronaldinho has linked up with the world of Web3 and cryptocurrencies. In 2022, he announced the launch of his own NFT series, in collaboration with TheGraph.

These NFTs include special events and exclusive experiences for fansand fit within a broader trend in which celebrities are increasingly involved in the crypto world.

Where is the hype?

Ronaldinho’s enthusiasm for crypto comes at a time when more and more celebrities are promoting cryptocurrencies. Some do this by talking about it on social media, others launch their own tokens. However, these practices are not without risk, as the recent price drops show.

The drop in crypto prices shows how volatile this market can be. Even positive messages from famous people cannot always prevent the market from going down. That used to be different.

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