Russia announces pause in Brics enlargement

On June 25, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that BRICS, after the admission of five new members in 2024, would make a “break” regarding the expansion of the structure. An announcement that he made during his meeting with the president of the upper house of the Parliament of Belarus, a candidate country for membership.

“By an absolute majority of votes, the ‘Ten’ decided to take a break from accepting additional members, in order to ‘digest’ the recent arrival of five new countries,” said Sergei Lavrov, as reported by the Russian economic site RBK. He specified that a system of“steps” was under study, including the status of “partner country”, which would precede that of “member”.

No participation in international sanctions

Experts explain this suspension by the necessity for the current participants “to refine as precisely as possible the questions relating to the functioning of the group”, such as that concerning the right to join common bodies, but also to “draw the broad outlines of the future of the Member States”, relates the site Vzgliad.

It must be said, the title develops, that the number of countries wishing to join the BRICS is constantly increasing. According to presidential adviser Yuri Ushakov, a “thirties” have filed applications. Recently, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov presented one of the conditions necessary for joining the alliance: “Do not participate in the illegal policy of international sanctions and restrictive measures applied against other BRICS member countries, in particular against Russia.”

The Brics alliance,

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