Russia prepares for ‘imminent’ arrival of F-16 jets in Ukrainian skies

For more than a year, the issue of sending F-16 fighters to the Ukrainian Air Force has been hotly discussed in the Russian media and networks. Training of pilots, possible use of “mercenaries”, deployment bases and, above all, how these few dozen modern aircraft can change the situation against the overwhelming supremacy of Russian aviation, missiles and anti-aircraft defenses: the subject was examined from every angle.

But the moment of truth is approaching: the arrival of the F-16s would be “imminent”, stated on June 30 Nezavisimaya Gazeta at Moscowwho adds: “The escalation continues.” According to other Russian media, these multirole combat aircraft are already on site and have carried out their first missions in the theater of war. Thus, on June 29, French aeronautics expert Xavier Tytelman said on the social network X that the “First strike by an F-16 in Ukraine” had been carried out. Words which had a wide echo in the patriotic press of Moscow: the online news Vzgliad saw it only as confirmation of persistent rumors within the Russian military expert community.

To date, four countries have officially committed to supplying F-16s to Ukraine: Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway. About sixty countries have

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