Sadat, the Turkish security company that deploys its Syrian mercenaries in Africa

Syrian rebels have been hired to fight and protect gold mines and factories in African countries, according to several sources among the rebels with whom Middle East Eye was in contact at the beginning of June.

Syrian fighters – mostly affiliated with the Syrian National Army (SNA) (a collection of rebel groups backed by Turkey, founded in 2017 during the syrian civil war), a coalition of armed opposition groups that works closely with Turkey in northern Syria – said hundreds of them were deployed in Burkina Faso, Niger and Nigeria. There, they provide security for businesses, factories and mines operated by Turkey, or take on protection duties in countries where theIslamic State is a threat to local security.

Behind Sadat, a former advisor to Erdogan

An ANS fighter who uses the pseudonym Deyri was hired for a mission in Africa and said recruits did not act alone but in groups. “The command is not in the hands of Syrians. Sometimes we sign to protect Turkish companies, sometimes to fight the Islamic State and sometimes to guard mines or factories.”

Reports of Syrian rebels being sent to Africa have begun to appear in Western media; these individuals have said they received short-term training before being deployed. Middle East Eye did not identify the organizations that provide training for recruits.

SNA members have told media that they were recruited through the Sultan Murad Division (a Turkmen rebel group in the Syrian civil war created in March 2013. Backed by Turkey and the United States, it recruited mainly Turkmen fighters from northern Syria) and that their contracts lasted from six months to a year, with a monthly salary of $1,500 (1,400 euros). Sadat, a controversial Turkish paramilitary defense company, is believed to be behind the recruitment of SNA members to travel to Africa. These are allegations that the company’s leaders frequently deny.

Turkish opposition parties have long claimed that Sadat, led by a former adviser to the Turkish president (retired Brigadier General

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