San Francisco relies on its fog and coolness to attract tourists


As extreme weather events increase and intense heat waves become more common in the United States and elsewhere, the city of San Francisco can count on a helping hand from “mother Nature”, underlines the Wall Street Journal. Generated by the mixing of frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean and high air temperatures, “fog is indeed an integral part of the city’s DNA”, and San Francisco can take advantage of it to pride itself on being a refuge from the heatwave. “A place where you can shiver, under temperatures which, on certain foggy days, struggle to exceed 10°C”notes the daily.

Enough to help improve the image of the city, which has been tarnished for several years. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of vacant offices has indeed skyrocketedjust like crime” on the streets of its downtown as the homeless population has exploded and the opioid crisis continues to rage.

Restoring the city’s reputation

San Francisco really needs some good news and a return of tourists could help it restore its image. “Tourism, which fell to 10 million visitors in 2020 from 26 million the previous year, is expected to approach 24 million this year, according to the San Francisco Travel Association.”, explains the newspaper. Operators in the sector no longer hesitate to praise the weather advantages of the city on the bay.

As Alex Bastian, president of the city’s hoteliers association since 2022, points out, “If you want to escape the scorching heat, come visit us in San Francisco: we have some of the best hotels in the world and the air conditioning is natural and free”.

Special festivities were even launched. On July 22, for example, the city will celebrate “Fog Day,” where tourists and residents can “enjoy frozen desserts and cocktails while warming up in front of fire pits and under heat lamps.” All this in the Fort Mason district, with a breathtaking view of a Golden Gate Bridge possibly engulfed in a veil of fog.

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