Saudi Arabia multiplies signs towards Iran after Raisi’s death

“Iran is an internal Arab affair”, explains Egyptian journalist Mamdouh El-Waly on the site Arabi21 by highlighting the numerous Iranian involvements in the politics of several Arab countries through Shiite militias, notably in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, without forgetting Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

But Iran also maintains important ties with other countries in the region, which explains the strong presence of Arab representatives at the funeral of former Iranian president Ebrahim Raïssi, explains for its part the British radio and television BBC on its Arabic site. There was the Emir of Qatar, the Tunisian president Kaïs Saïed as well as the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.

More than just “good diplomatic manners”

Their presence, the site adds, went beyond simple good manners.

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