Seen from Algeria. With the RN at the gates of power in France, “the wolf is in the fold”

“France governed by the extreme right! This is not a figment of the imagination. It was in the air at the time,” exclaims thus The Expression, while All about Algeria (TSA) temperate this analysis and considers that the “French political soap opera” launched by the dissolution of the National Assembly on June 9 has not yet had its epilogue on June 30.

Two analyzes which are in no way opposed, but rather complement each other, because both agree to underline the unprecedented dimension of this first round. “Even before we know what happens next, this vote is already historic. Never in the history of the French Republic has the extreme right been brought so close to power by a popular vote. thus affirms the Algerian site.

Daily life The Expression grinds his teeth, for his part, on this “historic moment, a dream come true for the former party of Jean-Marie Le Pen, notorious torturer during the war of national liberation and fierce defender of French Algeria, whose independence remained stuck in his craw”. The memorial debt between France and Algeria, which is still not extinguished, sixty-two years after the end of the war of independence, risks finding in this election the opportunity to be revived

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