Seen from Lebanon. Faced with Israel, Hezbollah uses an increasingly “belligerent” discourse

In the event of open conflict, Israelis should “wait for us by land, by sea and by air”, threatened the secretary general of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, on Wednesday June 19, while the risk of total war between the “party of God” and Israel has never seemed so serious since the start of the clashes on the southern border of the country of Cedar last October.

It was “a particularly bellicose speech”, notes the Lebanese daily The Orient-The Day. “If war is imposed on Lebanon, we will fight without restrictions or limits,” hammered Hassan Nasrallah.

“The enemy knows perfectly well that we have prepared for the worst (…). He knows that no place (…) will be spared by our missiles,” he added, raising the possibility of attacking ships in the Mediterranean and referring to Israeli gas installations located offshore.

Hezbollah leader went so far as to threaten the Jewish state with a land incursion, saying entry into the Galilee (northern Israel) was a possibility “in case the confrontation develops”, reports the newspaper Al-Akhbar.

And, to everyone’s surprise, the Shiite cleric sent a warning to the Cypriot government, warning it against opening its airports to Israeli planes in the event of open conflict. That

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