Seen from Lebanon. The shadow of “total war” between Israel and Hezbollah draws closer

The signals are not good. Israeli threats against Hezbollah, but also all of Lebanon, are increasing. Some embassies and diplomatic missions are recommending that their nationals leave Lebanon, while others are considering evacuation measures in the event of an escalation of conflict or the outbreak of a major war.

In recent days, the threat of a slippage on the southern front has (again) turned red against a backdrop of continued (political and diplomatic) efforts and maximum pressure exerted to avoid such a scenario.

However, obstacles appear to be obstructing this process, particularly since the visit of the American envoy, Amos Hochstein, to Jerusalem and Beirut last week (during which he discussed a “serious situation”, reaffirming Washington’s desire to avoid “a full-scale war”).

Shortly after this visit, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, published a video criticizing the American administration for having suspended arms deliveries to his country (also affirming, on June 24, that he was considering a “redeployment towards the North” after the end of the “intense phase” fighting in Rafah).

In the aftermath, an Israeli delegation was sent to Washington to discuss the developments. Its main objective: to seek to obtain more weapons, in particular those intended for potential use on the Lebanese front.

The American red light has turned orange

At the same time, American leaks follow one another regarding an Israeli decision to intensify the confrontation over

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