Seen from the United States. The trial in Russia of journalist Evan Gershkovich, a “parody of justice”

“The journalist of Tea Wall Street Journal Evan Gershkovich appeared in a Russian court on Wednesday to face a trumped-up espionage charge in a secret trial,” reports Wednesday June 26 the American business daily.

“Simply calling this a trial, however, is unfair to Evan – it is a continuation of a travesty of justice that has gone on for too long already,” warns the editorial director of The Wall Street Journal, Emma Tucker, in a letter to readers published by the daily.

“Let us once again be very clear: Evan is a journalist employed by the Wall Street Journal and was in Russia, where he was accredited, to cover the country. But the Kremlin is leading a hunt for independent journalism, which it has de facto transformed into a crime”continues this open letter.

“Evan was arrested by the

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