Should we still learn to code?

Until now, knowing how to write computer code was almost a guarantee of finding a job. However, The world wonders if we are not living the “end of the programming boom” in a context of massive layoffs in tech and the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI). Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, the American graphics chip specialist, even went so far as to predict the end of coders, replaced by AI, at the World Government Summit in Dubai in February 2024. According to him, even the most laypeople will be able to generate lines of code using specialized chatbots. Moreover, the American Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an 11% drop in the number of programmer jobs by 2032. Enough to cause a wave of panic in the profession.

But Sven Schmeier of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), who has been working on the development of large language models for many years, is reassuring. According to him, it is still worth learning to program because “Anyone using the tools must understand the codes and be able to check for errors” of AI in particular, explains the German daily. The researcher is nevertheless categorical:

“The simple programmer will no longer exist in the future.”

Only the most seasoned will be able to stand out and find work as a developer in the future, even if it means delegating the most thankless tasks to AI. But even if the latter improves considerably in the years to come, “In fifteen to twenty years, we will still need people to monitor these systems,” he emphasizes, before adding that “The demand for well-trained developers will always exceed the supply.”

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