South African parliament: ‘crooks, racists and troublemakers’

“Fasten your seat belts, dear compatriots, for the 7e parliamentary assembly.” The formula of the investigation site Daily Maverick summary the dismay of the South African press at the sight of some of the names that make up the new National Assembly, elected on May 29. “Scroll down the list of MPs and you will easily spot crooks, racists, troublemakers and general evildoers,” complete the Mail & Guardian.

The South African elections have brought a wind of change to the executive with the historic setback of the African National Congress (ANC), which forces the party to Nelson Mandela to share power for the first time since the end of theapartheid. But “the idea that 2024 will refresh our political life must surely be declared stillborn,” continues the South African weekly.

Unlike the French, South Africans do not directly elect their MPs. They vote for parties, which draw up lists of nominees to enter the National Assembly based on the number of votes their side receives.

Bribes and racial insults

Among the shady personalities invested by the ANC, we find the former Minister of Sports and

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