Suddenly, the island of stability is no longer France but the United Kingdom

“Europeans have spent years laughing at our expense.” And it’s impossible to blame them, concedes Emma Duncan, newspaper columnist The Times. Since the 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union, “Being British was a way of the cross.”

Time to explain “THE Brexit”, Then “the reason why a comedian (Boris Johnson) was put in charge of it”, before handing over the reins of the country to “a lady (Liz Truss) who wanted to burn our money”, “our foreign friends were rolling on the floor laughing”. The reputation has evaporated for good “of stability and moderation of the United Kingdom”.

But the winds suddenly changed in the Strait of Dover. “The period of chaos opened by the Brexit vote may be coming to an end, blow it Financial Times. In France, a period of political instability is probably beginning.” Three days apart, the two neighbors took their places “at both ends of the seesaw”, metaphorizes columnist Gideon Rachman.

New security pact pending

Thursday July 4, The British have given themselves a centre-left government “to the reasonable program and which will a priori be applied without needing to change Prem

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