Tajikistan bans the wearing of the hijab, three months after the Crocus attack in Moscow

On June 19, the upper house of the Parliament of Tajikistan approved the law “on the ordering of traditions and rites”. Signed by the president, Emomali Rakhmon, the following day, “the law prohibits the wearing of female Muslim head coverings, (in particular) the hijab”, informs the Tajik site Asia Plus. “The importation, sale and wearing in public places of clothing foreign to the national culture” are blacklisted.

Failure to comply with this law is punishable by a fine, although it is not specified. “what types of clothing are considered ‘foreigners to the national culture’ and prohibited for sale and carriage”, note the site. He further states that “some residents complain that authorities stop women wearing a hijab in the street and ask them to remove it or wear it like a headscarf.”

In another article, Asia Plus reports that fashion stylists and some Tajik bloggers “are mobilized by the Committee for Women and the Family (government body) in coordination with the Ministry of Culture” to create clothes “adapted to each season: dresses, co

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