Tensions at Tokyo University following possible tuition hike

Usually, the Yasuda Hall at the University of Tokyo, located in the heart of the Japanese capital, is a peaceful place where students, teachers and local residents come for a stroll. However, in recent days, it has been the scene of tensions between some of the students and the management of the institution, which is considered the best in the country and has trained countless senior Japanese officials and politicians.

According to Todai Shimbun, the university newspaper, which recalls the chronology of the affair, all dates back to May 16. It was at this time that the management of the establishment, which is facing galloping inflation, announced that it was considering increasing annual tuition fees by 20%, or around 100,000 yen (580 euros), set at 535,800 yen (3,100 euros).

This measure arouses strong opposition from some students and teachers, who fear that it will harm equal opportunities. To ease tensions, the president of the university, Teruo Fujii, spoke online with the protesters on the evening of June 21 to clarify his position, reports daily life Tokyo Shimbun.

As current tuition fees have not changed for around twenty years, “we were forced to give up investments worth tens of billions of y

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