“The dam is broken”: George Clooney calls on Biden to withdraw his presidential candidacy

“The dam is broken.” These are the words that movie star George Clooney wrote in a column in the columns of the New York Times, July 10. He calls on the American president to withdraw from the race for the White House.

“I love Joe Biden, but we need another candidate (to win in November),” writes the actor, who chose to speak at a time when the president is trying to appear as a reassuring and reliable host on the occasion of the NATO summit, which is being held in Washington until July 11. An event that will be closed by a highly anticipated press conference.

If he says he admires Joe Biden for his “morality” And “the battles he fought” During his four years in office, George Clooney assures us: “The only battle he (Joe Biden) cannot win is the fight against time,” referring to the health concerns of the president who, at 81, worried by his increasingly frequent absences and confusions.

George Clooney is part of a “celebrity wave of revolt against Biden”, estimated The Washington Post, who notes that This criticism is all the more weighty as Clooney has long been “one of Joe Biden’s biggest and most famous supporters in Hollywood.”

“Joe Biden loses

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