The dissolution of the GUD, a “very useful lever to bring back the past of the RN”

On the night of June 9 and 10, four men were arrested in Paris for their participation in a homophobic attack in the streets of the capital while they were “celebrating” the victory of the National gathering in the European elections. The defendants, two of whom were sentenced to five and seven months in prison for violence on June 12, claimed to belong to the Union Defense Group (GUD).

Far-right student organization, created in 1968 “at the Parisian University of Assas, the one where Marine Le Pen studied law with several of its members, the GUD is indeed regularly mentioned when it comes to recalling the nauseating roots of the family, and even the first steps of the white knight Jordan Bardella, precise The weather.

And this new affair involving “gudards” once again reminds us of its links with the National Rally. Among the four attackers, we find Gabriel Loustau, aged 23 and son of Axel Loustau, formerly of the organization and formerly close to Marine Le Pen, of whom he was notably the treasurer. Already in March 2022, the GUD hit the headlines when one of its members, Loïk Le Priol, shot dead former Argentine rugby player Federico Martín Aramburú in Paris after a fight.

A “very useful” lever

But this time, it’s too much. Wednesday June 19, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, “whom we cannot suspect of leftism”, write again The weatherannounced its intention to propose the dissolution of the GUD.

For the Swiss newspaper, “the lever is very useful to bring back the not-so-distant past of the National Rally (RN), which does everything to polish its image. And has had quite surprising success in this endeavor over the past few months.”

The National Rally defends itself from any proximity with the small group. Its president, Jordan Bardella, even indicated Thursday June 20 that he himself would have dissolved it if he had been in power. However, The weather notes that “THE gudards still stick to his skin. Unless he has them, as they say, under his skin.

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