The Enlightenment versus the Reactionaries, the other perpetual French political divide

We have long known about the famous left-right divide, the timeless compass of French politics. Then, under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, who wanted to overcome it, it was said to have disappeared. But with the new legislative elections called by the head of state, the National Rally, lying in wait, is trying at all costs to resurrect it by making a pact with part of the Republicans and pushing the Macronists into an electoral agreement of circumstance with the left.

But according to The Republic, There is another way of reading the French political field, and it is not new: that between “Enlightenment and Reaction”The Italian newspaper claims that “There have always been two Frances, a France of the Enlightenment, guided by reason, nourished by the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity proclaimed in 1789, and another France, more

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