The far-right group CRE becomes the third force in the European Parliament

In the Italian press, Emmanuel Macron is often described as Giorgia Meloni’s great ideological rival within the European Union. If this is really the feeling of the Transalpine Prime Minister, the success she recorded on June 19 over her opponent must have delighted her. The group of European Conservatives and Reformists (CRE, far right), of which she is the shadow leader, has in fact “announced the arrival of eleven new members, relates Politico, which makes the CRE, with 83 deputies, the third largest group in the European Parliament, ahead of Renew Europe, the one dominated by Emmanuel Macron, which has 80”.

The announcement was made by the CRE in a press release revealing the names of these eleven additional European deputies: a Dane, a Bulgarian, a Lithuanian, three French people who left Reconquête (including Marion Maréchal), and five Romanians from the populist AUR party (extreme right).

As proven by the membership of former members of Eric Zemmour’s party, the CRE brings together deputies with a nationalist right-wing sensibility (more or less marked depending on the country of origin). For this reason, says the information site specializing in European affairs, “THE

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