The Hungarian EU Presidency: a springboard for a strong Europe?

Our country (assumes) for six months the presidency of the Council of the EU under the slogan “Make Europe Great Again”. The opportunity to prove how the Hungarian policy, often accused of being Eurosceptic or “anti-Europe”, can work for a powerful Europe.

The EU Council Presidency has many advantages and disadvantages. The time and powers conferred are insufficient for a country holding the Presidency to shake up EU policy, but the Member States that preside have an important role in the issues on which the Union negotiates, decides, makes agreements and legislates.

The rotating president gives direction to the EU according to priorities and chairs the Council meetings. The semester offers a significant opportunity for image building. The host country invites the entire EU leadership, from prime ministers to ministerial experts, to formal and informal meetings, projects, conferences and consultations. This period will also be a way to make Hungary widely known to Eurocrats, which their leaders regularly ask for sanctions.

The Hungarian Presidency, whose content is coordinated by Janos Boka (Minister of European Affairs)

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Mandiner (Budapest)

A conservative news and opinion site created in 1999 by the youth organization of the conservative Fidesz party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Mandiner assumes its proximity to the current government and has published, since September 2019, a weekly paper magazine appearing on newsstands every Thursday.

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