The Moulin Rouge finds its wings again, just in time for the Olympics

Friday July 5, “Several hundred delighted locals and tourists gathered outside the Moulin Rouge, one of the French capital’s most visited attractions, to celebrate the four new wings of its iconic windmill”, reports the German Welle.

Although they were not yet turning – there are still a few mechanical details to sort out – the red aluminum and steel wings lit up to thunderous applause, as did the letters M, O and U on the sign, which had also been replaced. A French Cancan show, organized on the sidewalk in front of the cabaret, completed the evening.

“The mill without its wings is a void for Paris, it was just sad”commented the establishment’s general manager, Jean-Victor Clerico.

Deep emotion

“The huge wings of the mill had inexplicably fallen” shortly after a performance on April 25, which led to their downfall “the first three letters of the Moulin Rouge sign”, remember CBS News.

The incident, which caused great emotion among local residents and tourists, did not cause any injuries and the management of the cabaret ruled out any “malicious act”But the windmill without wings and the faulty sign were a blot on Pigalle, a few months before the Paris Olympic Games.

“The cabaret, which is celebrating its 135th anniversary this year, has therefore worked hard to repair the damage before the Olympic flame passes through the district on July 15.”, welcomes Sky News.

The famous windmill was first illuminated on October 6, 1889, during the inauguration of the cabaret. According to its management, the Moulin Rouge employs artists of eighteen nationalities and receives some 600,000 spectators per year.

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