The New Popular Front has united the left, but for how long?

This was the surprise of the evening: the winner of the legislative elections was not the extreme right of Marine Le Pen, but the New Popular Front (NFP). The alliance between the left and the ecologists will send the greatest number of deputies to the National Assembly, ahead of President Macron’s party and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.

With his idea of ​​calling early elections, Emmanuel has certainly weakened his own party considerably. But at the same time, he has achieved – probably without wanting to – what had long seemed out of the question from a French point of view: the successful merger of the left-wing and environmentalist parties.

If we take a closer look at (the identity of) the various members of the NFP, we can see what is truly extraordinary about their victory. This alliance brings together the communists, who demand a 32-hour week, dream of new nuclear power stations and never stop hammering home the message that every worker should have the right to his steak. The Greens, who oppose shopping centres and the use of pesticides in agriculture and are fundamentally much more radical, on an ecological level, than their German counterparts. And the far-left party La France in

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