The Olympic Committee will launch e-sport Olympics

“There will soon be an Olympic Games for… video games”, is ecstatic USA Today. IOC officials, meeting in Lausanne, confirmed on Friday the creation of a new international competition – separate from the Summer and Winter Olympic Games – where the best gamers in the world will compete.

The proposal must be ratified during the 142nd plenary session of the IOC, which will be held on July 23 and 24 in Paris, a few days before the Olympics kick off.

“With the creation of the e-sports Olympic Games, the IOC is taking a major step to adapt to the pace of the digital revolution”declared IOC President Thomas Bach. “Discussions with a potential host are very advanced”he assured, and the first edition of these new Olympics could be held as early as 2025, or at the latest in 2026.

“Three kinds of video games”

“The e-sports games will include three types of video games”precise USA Today. “There will be virtual sports, such as e-cycling, involving physical activity and imitating real sports, as well as two types of traditional video games: sports simulation games”like NBA 2K, and the “non-sporting video games”.

The e-sport Games will be a completely separate event from the sports Olympic Games and will be supervised by a different team within the IOC, said Mr. Bach, stressing that e-sport was not intended to become an Olympic discipline in the OJ.

“IOC officials have repeatedly spoken about the need to find new ways to interact with younger audiences”, notes the American daily. They had already organized a first in Singapore “Olympic e-sports week” in June 2023.

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