The RN at the gates of power: the very deep concern of Franco-Algerians

The shock wave caused by the victory of the National Rally (RN) in France during the European elections of June 9 further weakens the situation of Franco-Algerians, who have been targeted for years by the far right.

For many Algerians in France, such a scenario would be a disaster. And for good reason, the far right has never hidden its political objectives concerning the management of immigration in France, and more particularly the special place given to the population of Algerian origin.

THE National gathering combats on an ideological and political level the presence of generations of Algerians, from the first immigration to their descendants, even though they were born on French territory.

The RN’s migratory obsession

The day after the European elections, the spokesperson for the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu, came to recall his party’s obsession with Algeria. He recalled that one of the party’s first actions, in the event of victory in the legislative elections, would be to repeal the 1968 agreements between Algeria and France (which regulates the movement, employment and stay of Algerian nationals in France).

This decision is justified by the fight against illegal Algerians who are subject to an “obligation to leave French territory” (OQTF). A political communication which places Algerians at the heart of France’s migration problems.

Immigration in the broad sense is also one of the three emergencies that the RN promised to resolve in the event of victory in the legislative elections. The far-right party has always claimed its intention to reduce the arrival of non-European foreigners as much as possible by putting an end to land rights and family reunification. But also by developing an immigration law which would facilitate the systematic expulsion of foreigners with another nationality in the event of an offense or crime.

It is impossible for Algerians in the diaspora in France not to feel targeted. If a fundamental right such as the right to land is abolished, what will happen to the renewal of residence permits or even obtaining French nationality, could these means of integration be threatened one day or the other ? In any case, these are the questions that arise within Algerian communities located in large French cities.

Secure a second passport

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