The RN has become “an example for all extremists in Europe”

“Le Pen: The Takeover”, can be read in large white letters in the light of Stern. Marine Le Pen, a dark and frightening figure, dominates Alice Weidel and Bjorn Höcke, leaders of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD). “The far right could form the next government in France, continues the German magazine on its cover. How the AfD intends to copy its policies.”

Due to her party’s recent electoral successes, the French parliamentarian has become “an example for all extremists in Europe”, believes the progressive media in an analysis article. And especially for those who wish to take power in Germany.

If like the RN, the AfD “takes advantage of (voters’) frustration with the government,” The German far-right party has not opted for the strategy of “de-demonization” adopted by the former National Front. Quite the contrary: from year to year, the AfD has become more and more Eurosceptic, choosing instead the path of radicalism.

The party from across the Rhine – disowned by the RN before the European elections after a controversy surrounding his leading candidate – rather succeeded in his gamble: he obtained 16% of the votes, which makes him the second in Germany behind the conservatives of the CDU-CSU. In the east of the country, he even came out on top in this election.

Powerful media support

But its success is not comparable to that of Marine Le Pen’s party. And, for a few days now, “Several ambitious and radical members of the AfD are calling for a softer line towards the outside world in order to get the party out of the quagmire.” What grows Stern to wonder:

“A far right that renounces permanent provocation and becomes acceptable: will the success of the RN inspire the AfD?”

The German newspaper does not have the answer to this question. It nevertheless notes that in France the National Rally does not act alone and that it benefits from powerful informal support. “Over the years, billionaire Vincent Bolloré has built up a media empire with a channel like CNews that constantly serves up typical RN topics, such as the dispossession of the French, the unrealism and wokeness of the Greens, the hostility of the Islamists to the Republic and crime.”

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