“The surprise victory” of the left in the French legislative elections, on the front page of the foreign press

It’s a “spectacular turn of events” for the Swiss newspaper 24 hours, A “complete reversal” for greek Your Nea. On Sunday, July 7, the left-wing alliance, the New Popular Front, emerged victorious from the legislative elections in France. It has established itself as the leading political force in the country, ahead of Ensemble and the National Rally. This surprise victory has made headlines in many international press titles.

Many chose to illustrate the event with photos of the scenes of jubilation that occurred after the results were announced: on the Place de la République for The evening or on Stalingrad Square for The country. “France defeats the extreme right”, savors the Spanish daily. Like it, the left-leaning titles are particularly pleased with the conclusion of this political sequence, after the shock of the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly. “Long live France”, exclaims in French Efsyn. The Argentine newspaper Page 12 even revisits the national motto: “Liberty, equality, happiness.”

The conservative press is focusing more on the one who, for it, stands out as the big winner of the elections: the leader of La France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He appears with his arms crossed and a serious expression in front of his supporters on the front page ofABC, smiling and waving to his supporters from a window in that of The Press. The collapse of the National Rally also occupies many front pages. The Reason In Spain, for example, there is the tense face of Jordan Bardella. On the front page of the Belgian newspaper From the standard, The president of the far-right party leaves the stage after giving a speech to his supporters in Vincennes. “The French do not want to hear about a far-right government,” the title states.

Some more humorous covers stand out: Euro football obliges, The Foglio illustrates the political news in France with a photo of footballer Kylian Mbappé wearing his tricolor mask: “More Mbappé, less Le Pen.” THE Latest News-Sports spin the football metaphor: “France 1-0 RN.” Finally, let us mention the drawings of the Geneva Tribune and Tarragona Diary: The first shows a detonator-shaped ballot box, activated by a voter and causing an explosion that knocks down Jordan Bardella. The second relies on the drawings of the creators of Asterix to show the iconic banquet supposed to celebrate the defeat of the RN.

Now, some are wondering about the future of France. For the Lisbon newspaper Public, a period of uncertainty is beginning in a country where “absolute majority is a mirage”. “What a mess”, summarizes in more flowery language the Italian populist daily Libero.

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