The time for the National Rally has not yet come

“Thunderbolt”, estimated The weather, on the evening of the second round of legislative elections in France, with this totally unexpected result: the “Left in the lead” and the “National Rally, whose progress is largely contained”. The RN is “in sharp decline” this sunday evening, notes The Free, while he had “dreamed of the absolute majority” to the National Assembly. This dream “should not happen”supports the Belgian daily.

In France, “The historic moment of the extreme right will have to wait,” raise the BBC. Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella “hoped for a spectacular and historic victory”but “their hopes are disappointed” tonight, explains the British public media, even if their party has “significantly increased its representation in Parliament”.

A “clear” defeat

In fact, it is a “clear defeat for the National Rally”, reports in Germany The Time, since the far-right party “only comes in third place (134 to 152 seats) according to initial projections”At the RN headquarters in Paris, the announcement of the results triggered “cries of fear and tears”, raise the Financial Times. “A stunned silence replaced the flag-waving and chanting that followed the first round.”explains the economic daily. This is because it is a “bitter disappointment” for Marine Le Pen’s party.

France “said ‘no’ to the far right in the second round of the legislative elections”, summary The country. It’s a “surprise” Who “would prove the success of the cordon sanitaire put in place against the RN in recent days”, according to the Spanish daily. Yet“Marine Le Pen’s party was the favourite”, after obtaining 33% of the votes in the first round last Sunday, recalls the Spanish daily.

After winning the first round, explain The Telegraph, “Marine Le Pen’s National Rally ‘lost’ the second in spectacular fashion, not only being beaten by a motley left-wing alliance ranging from ex-Trotskyists to socialists, but also very likely finishing third behind the Macron camp”. And even so “This result represents a historic gain for the Le Pen camp, there is no doubt that it is a huge slap in the face for the RN and its young leader, Jordan Bardella,” continues the Paris correspondent of the British daily.

The “delayed” victory

Jordan Bardella was quick to castigate “the alliance of dishonor” Who “deprives the French” of their desire to radically change policy and “throws France into the arms of the extreme left”The former future Prime Minister prefers to consider “tomorrow’s victory”rather than the failure of the day. Where the RN will constitute, according to him, the “only alternation” facing “single party from Philippe Poutou to Édouard Philippe”.

Marine Le Pen, too, “sees in today’s result the seeds of tomorrow’s victory”she told the press, reports the BBC. She explains that the “His party’s victory was only delayed”.

There is no doubt that the far-right party will have to refine its language elements to digest this reversal of the second round. This election does not allow it to come out on top and gain power but still sees it take third place in the future assembly.

“Whatever the results, the Le Penists have already won.” This sentence is Iris Surville “a 26-year-old veiled trader” that The Republic met on Sunday near the Grand Mosque of Paris, who hits her hard. She explains: “From Parliament to the media, they have managed in recent years to impose their agenda. I am thinking of the laws that the government of President Emmanuel Macron has passed to the applause of the extreme right, such as the one against immigration and the ban on the abaya in schools.”

The RN was “overexposed”

For Ouleye, law student, still quoted by the Italian daily, the media have their share of responsibility in the anchoring of the extreme right: “They have overexposed the National Rally, lent themselves to its propaganda by trivializing its program, without recalling that its proposals are for the most part unconstitutional and will never pass, such as the ban on strategic jobs for the many French people holding a double passport. Not to mention that some threats against immigrants are lies, because the market needs them.”

The ideas of the extreme right have become commonplace. For Sylvie Guillaume, 50, crossed in the 13the district in Paris by Politico, the ideas carried by the RN “have made their way” for thirty years now, “fear of the stranger” has “immigration that increases unemployment”. Already the “Pasqua laws” thirty years ago, had generalized identity checks.

The Country crossed paths in the neighborhood “easy” from Passy, in the West of Paris, Dominique and François Houlle, 58 and 63 years old, who have just voted blank. Between a Macronist and a “candidate supported by the RN and Éric Ciotti”they did not want to choose. They explain to the Madrid daily that the vote for the RN “is a protest vote” rather than a vote of conviction.

Especially in the countryside, where people feel abandoned, people have had enough. What they want is peace and quiet and more serenity. And what they have today is the opposite.

This is because the RN has travelled the local terrain and used the most classic methods to plough its furrow, estimated in another article the Financial Times. The economic daily newspaper mentions the “methodical work” directed by Edwige Diaz, 36 years old, re-elected for the RN in the first round in the 11e constituency of Gironde, who combs through the local press every day with his team in search of the slightest “hint”. A business that opens, a football club that wins… The team sends “30 to 50 emails every week of congratulations, condolences or simply hello”.

This method is “emblematic of the old-school local politics adopted by the RN in recent years” which has led the far-right party to take power in France”. This “rising star of Marine Le Pen’s party” tell the Financial Times These restaurateurs came there “thank you for your words of support after the damage caused by the floods”. The couple “ignored by local politicians” told him : “We didn’t think the RN had people like you.”

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