“The worst has been avoided”: the left’s victory in the French legislative elections reassures kyiv

The legislative elections in France did not make the headlines in Ukrainian newspapers on Monday, July 8, in a news story dominated by the Russian strikeswhich notably hit two hospitals in kyiv in the morning. The country’s media, however, are paying close attention to what happened in France on the evening of July 7. “Despite the predictions, the extreme right in France has not managed to obtain an absolute majority,” This is what the information portal notes “The surprise came from the triumph of the New Popular Front (NFP), the left-wing coalition, even though it too did not obtain an absolute majority.”

However, even before the first round, Yuriy Panchenko wrote in European Pravda, the online version of the daily newspaper Ukrainska Pravda dealing with European integration, that “The 2024 elections could see the return of the socialists.” A development that he then judged “positive for Ukraine, because the socialists do not criticize arms deliveries to kyiv.” The journalist also welcomed François Hollande’s candidacy, because “(the former president) had been able (in 2014) to reverse the trend in the special relationship between France and Russia, by introducing sanctions and interrupting the agreement on

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