This Billionaire Would Rather Have Bitcoin Than Love Or A Relationship

There are rumors that Michael Dell, founder of tech company Dell and one of the richest people in the world, is investing in Bitcoin. If true, it could have an even bigger impact than Michael Saylor and his conversion to Bitcoin.

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Better Bitcoin than love

Recently, Dell posted a message on X asking his followers what they valued most. He listed four things: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bitcoin, love, and relationships.

Interestingly, Bitcoin got the most votes. Out of 61,489 votes, 43% went to Bitcoin. This shows how enthusiastic Dell’s followers are about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

The fact that Bitcoin was listed as an option suggests that Dell may be becoming more interested in the digital currency. This came just days after MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor tried to convince Dell of Bitcoin’s value.

A week ago, Dell tweeted about the value of scarcity, prompting a response from Saylor who highlighted Bitcoin as “digital scarcity.” Dell then shared a meme of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster featuring Bitcoin, further fueling speculation about his possible interest in digital currencies.

Market wants Bitcoin, when will Dell technologies follow?

Institutional investors are increasingly adopting a Bitcoin strategy. Even Dell Technologies once accepted Bitcoin as a payment method in 2014, although they stopped doing so in 2017 due to low demand.

The digital market has since seen increased demand for Bitcoin, especially after the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January. This renewed interest could encourage Dell Technologies to reinvest in Bitcoin.

Learning from Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor has made a remarkable transformation from Bitcoin skeptic to ardent advocate. A similar path for Michael Dell could have significant implications. Analyst Michiel Brunet de Rochebrune of BTC Direct made the following statement this comparison:

  • Michael Saylor, 2013: “Bitcoin’s days are numbered.”
  • Dell, 2014: Accepts Bitcoin on
  • Dell, 2017: Stops accepting Bitcoin.
  • MicroStrategy with Saylor, 2020: Buy 21,454 BTC and start Bitcoin strategy.
  • Michael Dell, 2021: “Bitcoin? I’ll pass.”

Over the 2020-2024 period, Saylor has been on a buying spree for Bitcoin, resulting in a $5.4 billion gain. And last week, Dell tweeted, “Scarcity creates value,” to which Saylor responded, “Bitcoin is digital scarcity.”

If Dell follows Saylor’s path, one should realize that he is the 13th richest person in the world with a 50% stake in Dell. Dell’s market cap is now $101.76 billion, while MicroStrategy’s was only $100 million before Bitcoin.

Brunet de Rochebrune: ‘Nobody is really prepared for the scenario in which Michael Dell takes the same path as Michael Saylor…’

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