To save the EU, we need Macron

At first glance, the state visit of the President of the French Republic to Germany, twenty-four years after the last of its kind, would seem like an important but relatively classic protocol visit. But “Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Berlin, Dresden and Münster is not only symbolic, comments on the economic title Handelsblatt. The French leader hopes to convince Germany and the chancellor (social democrat Olaf Scholz) of the merits of his European project.”

“Emmanuel Macron was already expected a year ago”, contextualize die Tagszeitung. He intended to go across the Rhine in the summer of 2023, but urban violence linked to the death of young Nahel had changed the situation.

The French president today has another burning issue to manage: the troubles in New Caledonia. But just a few days before the European elections, “European policy and the alliance with Germany are absolute priorities, and there is no question of relegating them to second place once again for domestic political considerations”.

For Die Zeit, Emmanuel Macron is also eagerly awaited on the subject. From the point of view of the progressive newspaper, the Frenchman is the one who can “save the European Union”. And this even if he is less and less appreciated in Germany, where it is said that he speaks

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