Top analyst predicts new all-time highs for 2 memecoins

Popular pseudonymous analyst Bluntz is bullish on memecoins and predicts new all-time highs for PEPE and FLOKI. If he has to choose one of the two coins, he seems to point to PEPE as “the fastest horse” in the race.

The incredible rise of PEPE

If Bluntz is right, we will soon see a PEPE price of $0.000028. “Despite all the all-time highs, I think PEPE remains the fastest horse for now,” said an optimistic Bluntz.

Over the past month, PEPE has risen an incredible 116.97%. That brings the price of the coin to $0.00001502.

If Bluntz is right, PEPE will almost double from its current price in the short term. That would give a market cap of around $12 billion for the memecoin, which would come close to a top 10 listing on CoinMarketCap.

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Currently, a market cap of just over $16 billion is needed to get into the top 10.

Also bullish on FLOKI

In addition to PEPE, Bluntz is also bullish on FLOKI, another memecoin that is doing well during this bull run. “I get pre-PEPE all-time high vibes from FLOKI. The graph looks very good in my opinion,” Bluntz said.

The other thing about these types of analysts is that they are so popular that positive predictions on their part can cause a movement in the market.

The market for these types of altcoins is not very liquid. If figures like Bluntz start shouting that FLOKI is preparing for new all-time highs, then that in itself is enough to give the coin a nice push upwards.

Finally, Bluntz focuses on Ethereum, which he believes is on an upward run versus Bitcoin. He expects Ethereum to rise to 0.06 BTC in the short term.

That would give an Ethereum price of $4,100.

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