Trump warns of US loss of power due to declining dollar interest

Donald Trump is again in the race to become the next president of the United States. It is striking that this time he seems to be opting for a pro-Bitcoin strategy. He has spoken positively about Bitcoin several times in recent weeks and now expresses his concerns about America’s loss of power due to declining dollar interest.

Worried about America

In a new interview with the All-In Podcast, Donald Trump says that he is concerned about the fact that more and more countries are abandoning the US dollar. He also explains how import duties can give America a competitive advantage over other countries.

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Trump thinks that imposing new and higher import tariffs can stop the de-dollarization trend and make the US dollar more important in world trade.

“I strongly believe in import duties, because I think they achieve two things. First, economic growth, but also political power,” said Donald Trump. According to the presidential candidate, losing the status of world reserve currency for the US dollar would be like losing a war.

It is clear that Trump will intervene in certain areas if he is elected as the new president of the United States in November. “That would really make us a third world country. We have lost so many countries,” said a concerned Trump.

Trump mentions specific countries

Specific countries that Trump mentions in this case are Russia, Ukraine, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. “This is a tragedy. This is a major development that plagues our country and we cannot just let it happen,” he shouts in the podcast.

There have been rumors for some time that Russia, China and the other BRICS countries are working on creating their own currency. This does not currently pose a direct threat to the US dollar, because there is no serious alternative yet, but according to Trump, that is no reason not to be concerned.

What this would mean for Bitcoin is difficult to predict in advance. Based on Trump’s previous statements, it seems positive for the digital currency if Trump is elected in November.

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