Türkiye. Erdogan’s spectacular turnaround towards Bashar El-Assad’s regime

On Friday, June 28, the Islamo-nationalist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered his usual speech after Friday prayers. He notably addressed international issues and relations with the Damascus regime. Although Ankara’s discourse towards its Syrian neighbor had softened for some time, the general tone of the speech was nevertheless surprising. “We see no obstacle to the restoration of relations with Syria”affirmed the head of state, swearing also that Turkey had not “never had the objective of interfering in the internal affairs of Syria”, reports the daily Hurriyet.

The Turkish leader even went so far as to recall the time when the Erdogan and Assad families spent holidays together on the Turkish Riviera, surprises the online media T24 : “There was a time when we were very close to Syria, we met as a family with Mr. Assad, maybe this will happen again in the future”he said.

Bird names

To illustrate the extent of this about-face, the opposition online media Arti Gerçeklists the names of birds formerly used by the meadow

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