Ukraine multiplies calls to accelerate the “end of the war”

On June 21, just a week after the Bürgenstock summitin the Swiss Alps, the Ukrainian side said it wanted to strike while the iron was hot and organize a second international peace meeting by the end of the year. “This must not drag on. Ukraine, more than anyone else, wants peace as soon as possible,” said the deputy head of the presidential administration, Igor Zhovkva, quoted by the online daily Ukrainska Pravda.

The senior Ukrainian official also said that the next peace summit would be held “logically” in a country in the Global South, without specifying which one. “But we certainly do not want a peace based on the so-called recognition of the reality on the ground, as the Russians claim,” Igor Jovkva had nevertheless added – an explicit reference to the territories conquered by Moscow.

In an interview with the agency Bloomberg, Andrei Ermak, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian president, often presented as the second most powerful man in the country, even acknowledged that Russia could be invited – which was not the case at the Bürgenstock – to this next summit. A position shared by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba. “The idea is that the next summit should mark the end of the war. And, of course, we need the

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