Ukraine “priority” for the delivery of American anti-aircraft missiles

“The United States will suspend the planned export of hundreds of air defense munitions to its allies and partners and redirect them to Ukraine”, sums it up Washington Post. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called the decision announced Thursday a “difficult but necessary” and said it would mainly affect deliveries of Patriot and NASAMS interceptor missiles.

Ukraine has “a desperate need” of these missiles, Mr. Kirby added.

“Putting Ukraine at the top of the list” deliveries of this equipment “essential” to anti-aircraft defense “means that the United States is making other countries who were already in the queue to receive these weapons wait.”, explain CNN.

“State Department and Pentagon officials are engaged in an ‘intensive diplomatic effort’ to inform affected countries that they will receive the missiles with a delay”adds the American channel.

Taiwan and Israel spared

“Half a dozen countries in the Middle East and Europe are buying Patriot missiles from the United States”, specifies the New York Times, citing an expert from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. But Mr Kirby assured that stocks “destined for Taiwan and Israel would not be affected”, underlines The Hill.

“This decision comes after kyiv had called on its partners to provide it with additional air defenses” to face the intensification of Russian strikes “against Ukrainian cities and infrastructure”, observe the Kyiv Independent.

The Ukrainian president warmly thanked his American counterpart on “deeply grateful to US President Joe Biden and the United States for prioritizing Ukraine in delivering much-needed air defenses to respond to Russian attacks”.

THE Washington Post observes that this reorganization of the schedule of American arms deliveries is “the latest in a series of recent moves by the Biden administration to strengthen Ukraine as it defends itself against a massive offensive by Moscow aimed at undermining the country’s morale”.

First deliveries this summer

The White House notably “approved major arms transfers to replenish depleted stockpiles, lifted its strict ban on using U.S. weapons for strikes inside Russia, and signed a ten-year security pact with kyiv”, details the American daily. And last week, the G7 countries decided to use “billions of dollars in Russian assets frozen to support Ukraine’s struggle”.

Priority deliveries to Ukraine are expected to begin this summer and will only concern “only interceptor missiles, not complex and expensive missile launch systems”, REMARK Politico. “But the United States and other Western countries are still working on ways to send additional launchers – including Patriots – to Ukraine”.

“Romania announced on Thursday that it would donate one of its Patriot batteries to Ukraine” – whose list price is estimated at one billion dollars –, “provided that it ultimately obtains an alternative system for its own defense”adds the site.

Spain and Greece, NATO member countries, “also have Patriots in their arsenals, but have refused to authorize transfers of launch systems to Ukraine”, note it Financial Times.

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