“Undesirable”: Russia bans English-language media outlet “The Moscow Times”

In a statement published on their website, journalists of the Moscow Times share all their bitterness. “We join a long list of high-quality independent media outlets that have also been labeled as undesirable, including Meduza, Dozhd, Novaya Gazeta Europe, The Insider, IStories, Proekt and others. This will make our work even more difficult, putting reporters and fixers inside Russia under threat of criminal prosecution. Moreover, sources will be even more reluctant to talk to us. But we refuse to give in to this pressure. We refuse to be silenced. We count on the support of all of you, our readers, to help us continue our work and challenge the Kremlin.”

This reaction, full of emotion but also combativeness, follows the announcement by the Russian government which inserted on Wednesday July 10 The Moscow Times in the media list “undesirable”. A qualification, the information site always specifies, which “prohibits any person from working with or having any connection with the organization, and provides for criminal prosecution in the event of a violation”.

Furthermore, “the qualification of‘undesirable’ includes the prohibition of work of the Moscow Times inside Russia, exposes its staff members to prison sentences and criminalizes engagement with the newspaper, including sharing its content online,” specifies the English-language media.

For this independent news site, this is just the latest bad news in a long series, since after the start of the war in Ukraine the editorial staff first moved to Amsterdam, before the newspaper was declared “foreign agent”in November 2023. Moreover, after the start of the conflict with kyiv, the Kremlin also blocked access to the Russian-language version of the site in the country.

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