Viktor Orban’s visit to Moscow, a “peace mission”?

Will he come or won’t he come? Since the evening of July 4, rumors have been circulating of a visit to Moscow by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been ensuring since July 1er July the rotating presidency of the European Union (EU). Information initially confirmed by several sources in Budapest, before being denied Friday morning by the person concerned himself. “Given that these initiatives are of a very sensitive nature, it will only be possible to talk about them once they are completed,” Viktor Orban explained on the airwaves from Hungarian radio Kossuth. A very good answer “evasive”, according to the russian tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets, who did not close the door to a surprise visit, two days after his trip to kyiv.

And for good reason. Just a few hours later, this popular daily announced the arrival of Viktor Orban in the Russian capital by publishing a photo distributed by its press service, which bore the caption: “The peace mission continues. Second stop, Moscow.” Already the day before, when the rumour had spread, several senior European officials had expressed their disagreement with this visit.

“The rotating EU presidency has no mandate to engage in dialogue with Russia on behalf of the EU”has

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