White House seeks to ‘stop the bleeding’ as Democrats ‘increasingly panicked’

The White House sought “to stop the bleeding”Wednesday July 3, affirming “with force” that Joe Biden had no intention of ending his presidential campaign, while more and more Democratic voices are calling for him to throw in the towel, analysis The Hill.

Because the elected officials of his camp “are increasingly panicked,” Nearly a week after Joe Biden’s disastrous debate with Donald Trump rekindled concerns about his age, reports Politico.

“Nobody pushes me out”assured the 81-year-old head of state, who also spoke with around twenty Democratic governors, during a telephone call with his campaign team.

He does not consider “absolutely not” to give up, insisted his spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, to the press.

She also refuted information from the New York Times, according to who Joe Biden “reportedly confided to one of his close associates that he was considering whether or not to stay in the race.” “We asked the president the question.” and he replied that this story was “absolutely false”, said Karine Jean-Pierre.

Losing ground in the polls

The Oval Office occupant and his advisers are trying to “reassure lawmakers, boost party morale and convince skeptics that he is capable of serving another four-year term”, explains the Wall Street Journal, noting however that “so far it doesn’t seem to be working”. “Senior Democrats have complained publicly and privately that Mr. Biden’s team has not done enough to allay their concerns, and some prominent members of the president’s party have called on Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him.”

Two members of the House of Representatives have already publicly called on Joe Biden to step down, according to the House count. Politico. And “Behind the scenes, things are even more frenetic”the site continues. “There are numerous draft letters circulating among House Democrats, including at least one asking Joe Biden to end his campaign.”

New polls also show that Joe Biden is losing ground to former President Trump post-debate. According to an opinion poll published Wednesday by the Wall Street JournalDonald Trump took a 6-point lead over Joe Biden nationally, with 80% of voters believing the president is too old to run for a second term. Another, conducted after the show for the New York Times, also indicated that Donald Trump had significantly widened his lead over Joe Biden, and that 74% of voters surveyed now expressed concerns about the Democratic leader’s age.

“Surviving” an interview and the NATO summit

As part of the White House’s efforts to put out the fire, Joe Biden will be interviewed on ABC on Friday, reports The Hill. An interview to which his team “gives a lot of importance”And “which, according to her, will give the image of an energetic president, capable of managing unexpected moments”. However, the exchange could mark, “According to Democrats, (the death) of his presidential candidacy if it does not go as planned”warns the news site.

And “Even if that doesn’t happen, Joe Biden will have to survive a press conference next week when he attends the NATO summit in Washington.”.

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