Who will become Prime Minister of France? “The question remains”

On Sunday evening, July 7, following the publication of the results of the legislative elections, two things were almost certain: Jordan Bardella and the RN, deprived of a majority (even a relative one), would not govern. And this honor will not go to a member of Macronie either, the presidential coalition having come in second place.

While Emmanuel Macron asked, on Monday July 8, Gabriel Attal, who had resigned, to remain in his post “For now” in order to “to ensure the stability of the country”the future Prime Minister should logically come from the ranks of the New Popular Front (NFP). The left-wing alliance won the largest number of seats in the Assembly. However, “Since the coalition has chosen not to present a candidate for this position during the campaign, the question of which name will be proposed by the left remains unanswered,” warns Politico. But the European news site is trying to draw up a first list

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