With his letter, Macron “seems to be heading towards a potentially explosive confrontation with the left”

There is “enough to make the opposition jump”, comment The weather. Three days after the early legislative elections which plunged France into the unknown, Emmanuel Macron estimated, in a letter to the French people published on Wednesday July 10, that “Nobody won on Sunday”and called on political forces “republicans” has “building a solid majority” And “plural” for the country.

Faced with the unprecedented coexistence of three blocs in the hemicycle – the New Popular Front, the Macronist bloc and the National Rally – it is necessary “inventing a new political culture”he argues. Leaving for the NATO summit in Washington on Wednesday, the head of state calls on the parties to give themselves “a little time” to agree on “some great principles for the country” and of “clear republican values”and indicates that at the end of these discussions, he “will decide on the appointment of the Prime Minister”.

“The New Popular Front coalition unexpectedly came out on top (on Sunday), but according to (him), this does not count as a victory”, REMARK Politico, who sees there a “the president’s ungracious verdict, which will not fail to provoke an outcry on the left”.

It must be said that the alliance “in full resurgence”with around 180 seats in the National Assembly, is far from having obtained the 289 seats synonymous with an absolute majority, observe the New York Times.

“The seeds of a drift”

Emmanuel Macron seems in any case “heading towards a potentially explosive confrontation with the left, in particular with Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s La France Insoumise”, “which he does not consider as part of the ‘republican forces’”decrypts the New York Times. For the American daily, this missive published in the regional press “seems to contain the seeds of a possible drift and confrontation, to the extent that its interpretation of the election result is far from being universally, or even widely, shared.”

The newspaper is surprised that Emmanuel Macron, “whose style of government is very centralized and vertical, to the point that he called the elections without consulting his own Prime Minister,” is launching an appeal “to the invention of a new French political culture” and to be inspired by “so many of our European neighbours”. “The fact that a French president of the Ve “The fact that the Republic, and in particular a president who has largely disdained parliament until now, is saying that France should follow the example of Italy or Belgium in adopting a more parliamentary culture is a measure of the upheaval that Mr Macron has caused with his mysterious decision to call an election.”

Fog could lift on July 18

“Coalition talks have become a feature of French politics since Sunday, a rare occurrence in a country that usually enjoys stable one-party majorities.”underlines Politico. But not everyone agrees on the path forward. Including in Emmanuel Macron’s camp, “some advocating cooperation with conservatives, and others a partnership with moderates on the left and right”.

“Everyone seeks their majority”summary The weather.

“The appointment of a Prime Minister is not for now”, concludes The evening. “The fog could lift in a week at the latest”Thursday, July 18, during the first meeting of the new Assembly.

And “With just 16 days to go until the Paris Olympics open, it is unclear whether Emmanuel Macron has in mind a deadline that means no new government will be in place when the Games begin.”note the New York Times.

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