With “The Acolyte”, Disney+ relaunches “Star Wars” with finally a touch of novelty

While it is well known that the Jedi were mostly massacred at the rise of the Empire, there was a time when members of the order were much safer. The Acolyte, broadcast since June 4 on Disney+, has the appearance of a detective series with Star Wars : it’s about solving the murders of these space knights. “In addition, the plot takes place during the High Republic, a golden age before the fall of the Jedi, during which they were tasked with protecting the democratic union called the Galactic Republic. However, these assassinations risk destabilizing citizens’ confidence in this protection.” This is why the Jedi are trying to resolve the matter discreetly, summary The Washington Post.

The protagonist is called Osha (Amandla Stenberg), a mechanic on a ship, who somehow abandoned her Jedi studies without passing the diploma, laughs Lili Loofbourow, TV critic for the American daily. And she is the victim of a misunderstanding, having a twin who is none other than the Jedi slayer. “Osha is quickly arrested and then reunited with part of her old team: her former mentor Sol (Lee Jung-jae, star of Squid Game), who has a new Padawan (apprentice), Jecki (Dafne Keen), and his old Jedi Academy classmate, Yord (Charlie Barnett).”

Less Manichean Jedi

In the main and secondary roles, the casting is successful, continues the newspaper. Lee Jung-jae does particularly well in the role of detective and mentor. “Amanda Stenberg uses his talent to physically and temperamentally distinguish Osha from the relentless professional killer she so closely resembles (and whom Stenberg also embodies). The latter is direct and always confrontational, while Osha is at first glance more clumsy, well-intentioned but not extremely talented.” Enough to want to follow the story of this character worthy of the historical heroes of Star Wars.

Thus, critics are won over by the series signed Leslye Headland (co-creator of Russian doll on Netflix). The Acolyte is very good entertainment. There is something to refresh the franchise by remixing the essential ingredients (and family dynamics) of the films – while remaining accessible to beginners.”

It remains to be seen whether this new work – judiciously placed a century before the epic of the three generations of Skywalker – will follow through with his new ideas in the universe Star Wars. For example, Osha’s rise to the rank of Jedi was hampered by her grief (she lost her family in a fire).

“The idea is subversive and exciting: the Jedi then saw trauma as a disqualification, making them incapable of using the Force. Which suggests that they are only looking for recruits in relatively protected and privileged environments.”

Having only been able to see the first four episodes (the broadcast is weekly), the critics do not comment on the whole but consider it already promising. And even if it is not always carried out to perfection, The Acolyte undoubtedly seeks to make the myth of the Jedi more complex, and bring a touch of relativism to a moral system which revolves around the binary, with its light and dark sides.”

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