2024 presidential election in Algeria: like “an air of déjà vu and experience”

No more hesitation! The political class comes out of its torpor, breaks with its characteristic purring and, suddenly, plunges into the pre-electoral bath. As if someone had sounded the alarm, the parties invited to consultations by President Tebboune on Tuesday, May 21, at least the most visible of them, hastened to decide in relation to the meeting on September 7 .

The day after the conclave of the International Conference Center (CIC), four parties, the National Liberation Front (FLN) (founded in 1954, in power), the National Democratic Rally (RND) (founded in 1997 and traditional ally of the FLN) , the El-Moustakbal Front (“Front of the Future”, born in 2012 from a split from its founder, Abdelaziz Belaïd, until then a member of the FLN) and the El-Bina Movement (the “Movement for Construction” , an Islamic and conservative democratic party founded in 2013), came together to call for a single candidacy on September 7. This “desired” candidacy is that of the outgoing president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

On Friday May 24, the day after the meeting of the four parties, Abdelkader Bengrina (president of El-Bina) took it upon himself to reveal which candidacy the electoral alliance was thinking of.

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Drawing by Martirena
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Twala (Alger)

It is in the midst of a repressive campaign against the media, in 2020, that Twala was created by seasoned and recognized Algerian journalists. This independent news site aims to return to journalism “facts, rigor and investigation”. Its name is a reference to the Algerian proverb “الخبر يجيبوه التوالى”, which can be translated as “the information is provided by survivors of a battle”, but the founders of Twala prefer to adopt another translation, made by the contemporary poet Amin Khan: “Here is a truth delayed by the slowness of time”.

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