Cardano founder finally speaks out about ADA prize

The patience of the Cardano community has been tested for years. The price of the well-known cryptocurrency has been hovering around $0.45 for some time. This stability has led to a series of memes and jokes, with people considering the token a “stablecoin.” Even Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, who normally doesn’t respond directly to the ADA award, has made an exception and joined in on the community’s light-hearted approach.

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Meme jokes

He posted his own version of the Grim Reaper meme, with Death amazed at ADA’s unwavering price. although it humorous is, Hoskinson’s response subtly acknowledges the frustration and curiosity surrounding ADA’s price movements.

Cardano (ADA) Price Outlook

Historically, ADA has experienced similar periods of price stagnation. A look at the monthly chart reveals a pattern of long-term stability at certain price points. Five years ago, ADA hovered around $0.04, and in 2021 it was around $1 per token. The current price of $0.45 is not unprecedented; rather, it has tested traders’ patience. However, unlike the downward trend of two years ago, the current trend appears to be upward.

Is this the start of a bullish accumulation phase?

The crucial question that comes to Cardano enthusiasts’ minds is whether this stability signals a bullish accumulation phase. If ADA is indeed poised for an upward surge, the wait may seem more bearable.

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