Egypt fears more than ever of being drawn into the Israel-Hamas war

“Egypt reacted with a wall of silence” the Israeli army’s takeover of the Philadelphia Corridor, the buffer zone which runs 14 kilometers along the Egyptian border, inside the Gaza Strip, notes the British daily The Guardian.

“Cairo has not issued an official comment” since the announcement by Israel, on Wednesday May 29 at the end of the day, of taking control of this strategic terrain.

However, last January, the Egyptian authorities had displayed their firmness “when the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, (had) announced plans to occupy this nerve corridor,” remember the American newspaper The New York Times.

Cairo then declared that “any Israeli move in this direction would result in a serious threat to relations” bilateral and would constitute “a violation of the 1979 peace treaty” (THE Camp David Accords).

On Monday May 27, the Egyptian site known to be close to the intelligence services Al-Qahera still hammered home “Israeli attack on the Philadelphia corridor would create a situation on the ground and in minds that would be difficult to control and likely to provoke an escalation.

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