He sold Bitcoin for $0.30 each and still regrets it

What would you do if you could go back 20 years in time with a time machine? Just about everyone then says they would buy Bitcoin. Well, then you buy Bitcoin for a few euros each, the real question is, how long do you dare to hold it without selling?

Investor sold Bitcoin for 30 cents each

There are plenty of examples of investors who got in early, but sold way too early. For example, Greg Schoen sold far too early. In 2011, he tweeted that he owned 1,700 BTC, which he bought at a price of $0.06, but sold his Bitcoin when the value rose to $0.30. That’s an increase of x5.

Normally that is a great return, but not with Bitcoin. There is so much more to get out of it. On May 17, 2011, he tweeted that Bitcoin was worth $8!

Bitcoin is worth about $70,000 today. Had he kept his Bitcoin, he could have collected $120 million by now 🤯

What is your sales goal?

Ask yourself, are you strong enough? At what return do you sell your BTC? Suppose you buy Bitcoin for 5,000 euros now, and it will be worth 100,000 euros in 2 years, then you have to wear sturdy shoes not to sell it.

Before you invest in something, it is important to be clear about why you are investing. As those annoying thesis supervisors always say, make it SMART. That’s not even necessary, but make sure you have a number in your head that you want to sell at. Is your target amount too high?

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Then there is a chance that you will never achieve this. Is this too low? Then you run the risk of missing out on a lot of potential profit. In any case, you are not alone in this.

Here are three millionaires who sold their BTC too early:

Erik Finman

Erik Finman bought Bitcoin for $1,000 in 2011 at the age of 12. By the time he turned 18, his investment was worth more than 4 million USD. Instead of holding on to his Bitcoin, Finman sold everything and invested in other cryptocurrencies.

He has since regretted his decision to sell and admitted that he would have been worth a lot more if he had kept his Bitcoin.

Jared Kenna

Jered Kenna is another early Bitcoin investor who sold his BTC too early. In 2010, Kenna bought 30,000 bitcoins for just $0.20 each. So he invested $6,000, and he sold it all when the Bitcoin price 2000 dollars used to be. Kenna earned 6 million from this, not bad.

But had he held on to them, his investment would now have been worth $2 billion. Then you are ready and every generation after you will also be ready.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus“, was one of the first and most vocal proponents of Bitcoin. He invested heavily in the cryptocurrency and became a millionaire in the early years of Bitcoin.

Unfortunately for him, he sold most of his Bitcoin in 2013, just before a price explosion. Fortunately, Ver still has some Bitcoin in his wallet, but he has missed out on a significant amount.

There’s no shame in selling too early

What can we learn from this? Everyone buys and sells Bitcoin at the price he or she deserves. There is no shame if you sold too early while the price continues to rise. But it may also be worthwhile to set your goals higher.

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