In Argentina, the Milei government’s “judicial war” against soup kitchens

Javier Milei’s budgetary chainsaw, which he promised during his campaign would fall on the “caste of corrupt politicians”, never stops hitting… the most deprived. In open conflict with the social organizations which manage the tens of thousands of soup kitchens in the country, the ultraliberal president has cut off their supplies since coming to power at the end of last December. Literally.

“Some of our soup kitchens no longer receive anything, no more food,” complains Father Eduardo de la Serna, a priest from the slums, to from the left-wing daily Page 12. And if other canteens can continue their distributions, “it’s because the aid doesn’t come from the government” but from private donations.

“Before, we couldn’t make it to the end of the month, but now we don’t even make it halfway through the month, protested a demonstrator at the microphone of chain C5N. So many people have lost their jobs… And if you have one, we pay you 2 pesos that don’t even get you home because this gentleman (Javier Milei) has increased the price of all transportation. How does he want us to get there?”

Increasing needs

The number of soup

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