In Ecuador, the Assembly signals the end of the sacred union with President Noboa

“Are the government and the National Assembly at war?” This is the question that the online newspaper asks Primicias, while “the conflict between the executive and legislative functions (…) is deepening” every day in Ecuador.

For several months, the Assembly had nevertheless united behind President Daniel Noboa, voting favorably on the legislative proposals issued as part of the war against gangs, declared in January 2024. But this sacred union seems to have ended in recent years. weeks, while the popularity rating of the young liberal leader plummeted, going from 70% to 58% in the month of May alone, relates the correspondent in Guayaquil ofEl País América.

A first crack appeared when Daniel Noboa tried to pass, in April, legislative proposals, ultimately rejected by the Ecuadorians, aimed at liberalizing the economy during

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