In Mexico, a “taqueria” awarded a Michelin star

“This award crowns sixty years of success with the tacos we serve, which are made only with meat, chile and corn.” Asked by El País, José Luis Rodríguez is the manager of Taquería El Califa de León, the first of its kind to receive a Michelin travel edition star. A taqueria is a restaurant specializing in the preparation and sale of tacos, a typical Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla filled with various ingredients.

José Luis Rodríguez says: “This is a highly coveted distinction for the haute cuisine of Mexico and the rest of the world.” According to the Mexican news site, “the restaurant has managed to maintain very high quality standards”. At El Califa de León, simplicity takes precedence, far from the starred restaurants usually distinguished by the guide. El Economista TV also describes the establishment as “a modest taquería that only offers four types of tacos and two salsas on its menu, particularly sober”.

“A modest taqueria”

Among these four recipes, the traditional restaurant is mainly known for its tacos. gaoneraa thin slice of meat accompanied by sauce, details El País. “Because they have made a name for themselves through their particular recipe and their method of preparation”explain “And then, as you can imagine, the tortillas are made by hand.”

Sobriety in the dishes but perhaps less in the prices, appeals According to Mario Hernández Alonso, one of the owners of the taqueria, count between 53 and 70 pesos per taco (around 3 to 4 euros), which the information site describes as “unorthodox prices”.

The restaurant has, since its award, been a victim of its success. Tourists and the media flock there, while the cook finds himself surrounded by the cameras. For him, there is only one reason for this success: “Service, cleanliness and quality.” The Taquería rarely closes its door to customers. “El Califa de León never stops, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m., with rest only two days a year, on Good Thursday and Friday“, explain

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