In New Caledonia, Emmanuel Macron “wants appeasement at all costs”

This is a surprise trip “maximally profitable”, observed The evening. There “quick visit” by Emmanuel Macron Thursday May 23 in New Caledonia, after more than a week of riots which left six dead, lasted “barely a day”but his agenda was “filled to the brim”.

Without however succeeding in putting everyone around the same table, the President of the Republic “managed to see all sides, from moderate loyalists to radicals to separatists”reports the Belgian newspaper.

“Even those accused of supporting the riots”, note for his part The weather.

Three designated negotiators

Emmanuel Macron came to the Pacific archipelago to “trying to pacify”And “put an end to the most serious crisis the colony has experienced in forty years”, contextualize El País.

Delivering his conclusions very late in the southern night before leaving “this French territory on the other side of the world”he assured that he hoped that all participants in the debate would call for the lifting of the roadblocks and the return “orderly and calm” in the hours following his speech, relates The weatherwho sees there “an absolute priority and sine qua non condition for lifting the state of emergency (who is there) imposed since May 15.”

The Head of State declared that he was committed in the current context not to pass “in strength” the reform of the electoral body giving the right to vote in local elections to all French people residing there for more than ten years – “the very one who ignited the powder”, recalls the Swiss daily. And he gave local political leaders about a month to show their ability to agree on a global political agreement, which he wants to see submitted to the vote of Caledonians.

What to say to Evening that“Emmanuel Macron wants appeasement at all costs”. “(He) is betting that an administrative mission will be able to unravel the tangle in the coming weeks. Three senior officials, without any strong political label, were designated to try to negotiate an agreement between independence activists and loyalists.”

“Slack” given to the separatists

The planned milestone within thirty days is “a way of softening the much-criticized ultimatum he had issued”analysis The weather, “he who had demanded that everyone agree before the end of June, otherwise the criticized reform would be submitted to the vote of the French Congress as is”. He thus gives “some slack for the Kanak separatists, if only in terms of deadlines”. But this “desire for appeasement” does not say “however, not what exactly the elements of the way out of the crisis will look like.”

For the Swiss media, there is in any case little chance that this will happen before July and the Olympic Games as planned, or even required: “The road is still long, much longer than the return flight to Paris.”

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