In Poland, the far right makes a historic score in the European elections

Konfederacja, the Polish far-right group, has been on cloud nine since the evening of June 9. The official results confirmed the prediction at the exit of the polls: the libertarian and nationalist coalition will indeed enter the European Parliament. With 12% of the vote, it will send 6 MEPs to the European Parliament. “Konfederacja achieved a double-digit result for the first time in its history,” writes the conservative Polish daily Rzeczpospolita.

Certainly, Konfederacja ranked third in the European vote, after the center-right Civic Coalition (37% of the vote), pillar of the government, and the national-conservative PiS (36%), defeated in the parliamentary elections of the last fall. The newspaper believes that this is not enough to make “the third political force” of Poland for all that, no offense to its politicians. “THE

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